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Changes After the librarians’ workshop!

Our reading corner….. They can take reading cushion where ever they like in the library…… This month children are going to help us in decorating their reading corner…. One girl artist from class VIII has some nice ideas and she wants to paint the walls with fabric colours…! We discussed with our children and they […]

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Two library projects close to my heart

1. Under the aegis of Sir Ratan Tata Trust, I have been interacting with the Kalike group in Yadgir, Karnataka. One of their thrusts is to strengthen and enhance library use and reading, in the 50 schools they work with. In this connection, they have appointed library animators at each of these schools. The decision […]

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A Library Session on Nonfiction with Palashas and Akshas at CFL

Nonfiction: “The Literature of Fact.” Nonfiction has long been neglected in school libraries around the world. According to studies, at the elementary and primary levels, very few books in nonfiction are available for children to read either in class libraries or in the main library except for encyclopedias and fact books. This is unfortunate because […]

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What is a good book?

A child actually begins a relationship with reading before she can read! Sitting snuggled in a lap, gazing intently at the pictures and even the words perhaps, a child is soon able to recognise which part of the story is on which page. She even has favourite stories. There is a hazy awareness that apart […]

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Money, Money, Money………

Non-fiction for children, written and published in India is a rare commodity. Excellent non-fiction is a pearl beyond price! Therefore when a book or series comes along authored by Mala Kumar whose writing has shape and meaning, and illustrated by Deepa Balsavar whose art work has been a source of delight, there is a good […]

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Sari saves the day

Title: What did Nepo do with a sari? Author: Benita Sen. Art: Sekhar Mukherjee. Publisher: Katha. 2013. Rs. 175.00. Age level: Ages 6 to 10. At first glance one may wonder what the rationale is for another book on the theme of a sari. However the theme is a very different one.  Nemo is a […]

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Is there a secret in this diary?

This review was originally done for the Goodbooks site www.goodbooks.in. It can also be viewed at http://www.goodbooks.in/node/6561 “Mostly Madly Mayil” Authors: Niveditha Subramaniam and Sowmya Rajendran. Illustrator: Niveditha Subramaniam. Publisher: Tulika. 2013. Pages 139. Price: Rs. 175.00 Target Age Group: 11+ For pre-teens and teenagers, having an outlet to express their own feelings and their […]

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