A student reads in the Centre for Learning Library

Posted on November 12, 2007 by Usha Mukunda

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A Tale of a Resource Centre

Once upon a time, there was found a small room in a large compound of schools in a town called Chamarajanagara near Mysore. There came to it a team of magic-makers who had the will, the determination and the persistence to make that room a vision and a dream for all the schools, teachers and children in the district. Did they do it? This is not a mystery story so I can safely tell you that they did. A most wonderful transformation came about whcih was seen, appreciated and most important, used, by all those who were thirsting for it. There came out of the team, a film about the centre and its services, myriad photographs to show its evolution from a slow-moving caterpillar to the sparkling butterfly it is today. The Chamarajanagara educational resource centre.

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